A rendezvous with Mr. Dhruv Galgotia

Ours is a Global Education System. The enriching teaching methodologies and academic procedures adopted by Indian Educational Institutes are recognized and appreciated by countries all across the world. Mr. Dhruv Galgotia, the CEO of Galgotias University, talked in detail about globalization of the Indian Education Sector in a recent interview. He said this is an opportunity to enhance the quality of study programs and researches made by professional graduates. There is constant exchange of new ideas and knowledge to deliver an education system par excellence. He says, collaborative associations with foreign Universities can contribute immensely in making Indian Universities and education competitive in the world.

When asked about whether these international tie-ups are beneficial for students and the standard of education in the country, he replied by saying that this can benefit students in many ways and help improve the overall standards of education in India. When students from the foreign universities come to Indian universities, they bring with them wealth of experiences they can be shared with our students in exchange of which they get to learn about the enriching culture and traditions of India. He was also asked about the notion behind entering into MOU’s with international universities of repute and the measure of success they have achieved through this. To this he states that Galgotias University has developed successful tie-ups with recognized US universities. By this, the institute endeavors to enhance the quality of curriculum offered and help the faculty in designing academic programs in accordance to the international standards. The institute will soon get into an agreement with Northern Illinois University, (NIU) USA, to offer dual degree programs for graduates and under-graduates. He says these dual degrees widen the choice of programmes at the bachelor’s level and carrier options.

On being asked about the benefits of students from these international tie-ups, Mr. Galgotia said that Students Exchange Programs will immensely improve their global awareness and cultural intelligence as the students will get to interact with students and faculty members of different nationalities coming from different walks of life. He also mentioned a few steps that can be taken by several educational institutes making continuous efforts to boost up the amount of international exposure given to Indian students. Planning innovative programs and having flexible curriculum and teaching methodology are some the few steps recommended by the CEO. Mr. Dhruv Galgotia also shared the vision of Galgotias University in regard of collaborative international education and also discussed its future prospects. He said that the university ambitions to grow into a world-class education centre providing quality international education to students all over the world. GU wishes to enrich the academic ambience of the university by sharing and learning from the expertise of foreign universities, while at the same time sharing our knowledge and expertise with them.

In this informative interview Mr. Dhruv Galgotia shared his insight about the prospects of international education in India and also talked about the contribution made by Galgotias University in the globalization of Indian education sector and the institute’s objective to provide international education par excellence.

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